imageThe classic shape of the body is made of sheet steel, primed inside and outside and then coated with synthetic resin paint. The lower edge is protected by a plastic profile, which guarantees the greatest possible stability.




imageMade of stainless steel and polished to a high gloss, the lid is hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion. Connected to the body by the robust hinge, it falls silently when closing due to the foam rubber seal.



Sprung pedal mechanism

imageMade of solid flat steel, hinges and pedal poles meet the highest demands. The wear-resistant return spring mounted on the pedal linkage guarantees automatic closing of the lid. The sturdy foot pedal is covered with non-slip rubber.





imageDue to the processing of sendzimir galvanized sheet steel, the replacement buckets are largely protected against corrosion. At extra cost, it can be made of stainless steel.




imageAll items come from our own production and are assembled by hand.