The company ERPA was founded in 1928 by Josef Rhode. Founding product was the so called Rhode-Patrone, in which the highly infectious cough sputum of tubercolosis victims was gathered to minimize the risk of further infections.






The patent, for the already addressed ER(hode) PA(trone), was decisive for the emergence of the company name ERPA. On the basis of the patent, the first waste container was developed. It served, with sprung pedal mechanism and tightly closed lid, as a sanitary collection container of certain cartridges until their disposal.




The 50s

imageAfter the company transfer in the early fifties to the sons Fritz and Ernst Rhode, they concentrated the business entirely on the production of waste collectors for the medical and catering sector.



The 70s

imageAt the end of the seventies the name of the company changed with the owner - the company ERPA temporarily became the Elpers & Hinsenhofen OHG.




imageWith the takeover in 1997 of the current owner Jörg Sachse, a nephew of Ernst Rhode, and the takeover of the traditional company name ERPA, one feels exclusively committed to the production of the solid classic pedal bin of the fifties.